• £2.6m relaunch in 2018 with TV advertising
  • First Brand, Refreshers, launched in 1935
  • Which is your favourite?


Money tins have fixed lids – non-reusable

CodeDescriptionPackPallet QuantityBarcode
BAR001100mm x 150mm Barratt’s Sweets Money Tin121152‭506019562291‬

License renewed with Barratt Sweets until end of December 2026, new designs coming shortly, plus new tin products to be added to the range

Made by More For Your Store Ltd. under license from Valeo Confectionery Limited. Barratt Fruit Salad®, Barratt Refreshers®, Barratt Dip Dab®, Barratt Sherbet Fountain®, Barratt WHAM®, Barratt FLUMPS®, are the registered trademarks of Valeo Confectionery Limited.

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